It has been found that most of the people who cheated in the Public Service Commission’s examination were candidates for advertisements for security agencies. Security agencies also have the most irregularity in Nepal Police examinations.

According to the commission, looking at the type of irregularities, 86.48 percent are fake examinees.

During the financial year 2021/22, 60 people including 7 women and 53 men have been prosecuted for irregularity in the examinations conducted by the Commission.

The Commission has identified the types of irregularities such as stealing cheats, deputing fake candidates, using electronic devices (scientific calculator, smart watch, mobile etc.), writing wrong roll number in the answer book, writing roll number where it should not be written, taking the answer book with oneself and having an assistant writer against the rules. Listed as


Most irregularity in Nepal police exam

According to the Public Service Commission, the most irregularity in the examination is on the part of the Nepal Police. In the fiscal year 2078/79, a total of 30 people, 27 men and 3 women, committed irregularities in the Nepal Police examination. It is mentioned in the annual report of Public Service Commission that maximum 19 fake examinees participated in the examination.

Similarly, there are 5/5 people who stole cheats and used electronic devices. One person took the answer sheet with him without explaining it. Among them, 3 people have been punished so that they cannot take the exam for five years. Similarly, 4 people have been banned for 3 years, 2 people for 2 years and 19 people for 1 year. According to the Public Service Commission, the examination of 2 people has been cancelled.

Similarly, 10 people have been prosecuted, including 9 people who stole cheats and 1 person who used electronic devices on behalf of the Armed Police Force.

It is mentioned in the annual report that not a single fake examinee was found in the examination conducted by the Public Service in 2021/22 for the Nepali Army.

Chairman of the Public Service Commission, Madhav Prasad Regmi, says that the public service has zero tolerance towards those who commit irregularities. According to him, this is the reason why the dignity of impartiality of the Public Service Commission is maintained.

“There is no political irregularity in public service, even if someone has done it or caused it, it will be detected before and after the publication of the final result and action will be taken,” says Regmi, the chairman of the commission, “Our system is like that.” We also took strict action against those who committed irregularities.

According to him, the Public Service Commission has earned the unwavering trust of all Nepalis because it has adopted the basic principle of fair competition.

What action will be taken against those who commit irregularities?

According to the nature of the irregularity, such examinees are subject to action ranging from cancellation of the examination to not being able to participate in the public service examination for five years.

According to the Public Service Commission, there are 2 women who wrote the wrong roll number. They have been punished by not being able to participate in public service exams for one year.

Similarly, there are 3 people, 2 women and 1 man, who joined the exam without applying. 1 woman who asked both the writing assistant and the inspector to write the answers in turn has also been punished. His examination has been canceled and both the writing assistant and invigilator have been barred from appearing in the examination.

A man who hired a writing assistant against the rules was also prosecuted. It is mentioned in the 63rd annual report of the Public Service Commission that his examination was cancelled.

According to Public Service Commission Information Officer Devi Prasad Subedi, disabled examinees (especially visually impaired) have hired writing assistants. The helper reads the question and tells it to the examinee and the answer given by the examinee is recorded in the answer sheet by the helper.

Additional time is provided at the rate of 10 minutes per hour to those candidates who require assistant writers. For example, if the exam time is three hours, then a total of 30 minutes more time is provided at the rate of 10 minutes per hour.

Assistant writer should be a person who has obtained educational qualification one level lower than the minimum educational qualification to be eligible to participate in the examination of the respective post.

For example, a person who has passed the graduate level exam can give the official level exam, while his co-author must have passed the proficiency certificate level at most. Similarly, a person who has passed at least Proficiency Certificate level can give the Subba exam, while his co-author should have passed SLC or SEE at most. But a person who has passed SLC or SEE can participate in the buyer’s examination, if his writing assistant is also recognized even if he has passed SLC or SEE.

The Public Service Commission has been conducting the written examination for filling the posts of security agencies and organized organizations since the financial year 2016/17 in addition to the civil service. At present, the public service conducts examinations for filling the posts of 95 institutions/bodies including security agencies.

Syangja first in civil service entry, Kathmandu second

In the fiscal year 2021/22, candidates from Syangja district have been recommended for civil service after passing the public service examination. 122 people from Syangja have joined the civil service. 114 people from Kathmandu, 105 people from Gulmi, 69 people from Morang and 68 people from Arghakhanchi have entered the civil service.

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