Former President Dr Ram Baran Yadav has urged the young generation to take politics ahead in favor of voiceless people of the country.

At a programme organized on the occasion of 153rd Gandhi Jayanti and International Day of Non-Violence -2079 at Kandaghari of Kathmandu today, he opined that a time has come to do politics in favor of voiceless people by following Gandhi’s path.

Talking that Gandhi led the movement of freedom connecting it with society, people and country in India, former President Yadav shared that Gandhi had made a significant contribution to disbanding the British Empire by organizing the Charkha movement.

He argued that those leading the country have not paid any attention when the world is in crisis and their country is in crisis, adding human civilization would be in crisis 22nd century due to increasing climate change in the world, not only in Nepal.

Prof Ram Chandra Pradhan of Delhi University, Founder Chairperson of Gandhi Ashram, Agashta Indra Udayiman, representative of Deputy Chief of Mission of Indian Embassy, Prasanna Shrivastava, among others expressed their views on the occasion.


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