CPN (UML) Chairperson KP Sharma Oli has claimed that the CPN (UML) is the only national party in the country.

Talking briefly to media persons at Biratnagar airport today, Chair Oli clarified that the UML is the center of attraction as it is the national party and a trend to joining the UML quitting other parties has now increased.

He, however, assured that the CPN (UML) would get a majority in the upcoming election.

Also the former Prime Minister, Oli expressed the belief that people would cast a vote in favor of the CPN (UML) in the election as UML’s agenda is to maintain peace, good governance, to control corruption, development and to address the people’s aspirations.

He further said that an electoral alliance could be formed with other parties having similar ideology in the coming election.

Responding to a query, Chair Oli said it was wrong to bring an ordinance of long-term importance by the incumbent government at a time when there was no parliament.

He clarified that different types of rumor spread outside the party was baseless as the party has not yet finalized the name of candidates for the coming election.


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